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(Father's 123) Waterproof coating that Seals all the large holes in the Pasta strainer

최종 수정일: 2023년 11월 15일

Hello, this is FATHER's.

Today, we'd like to introduce our revolutionary liquid EPDM waterproof coating, FATHER's Liquid Rubber.

Our coating is the ultimate waterproof solution that can perfectly seal even the holes in a pasta strainer.

Now, let's put this coating to the test and see its outstanding performance!

1. Start by immersing a stainless steel bowl into FATHER's Liquid Rubber Coating.

2. Shake the bowl, ensuring the coating penetrates all desired holes thoroughly.

3. Allow sufficient drying time for the coating to set.

While surface drying takes around 2-3 hours, complete drying may take 2-3 days depending on temperature and humidity.

4. Now, let's put it to the ultimate test by pouring water into the coated bowl.

5. Experience the remarkable effect as the countless holes are meticulously sealed, preventing any water leakage.

💡 Why choose FATHER's Liquid Rubber?

1. **Powerful Waterproofing:** Effectively seals even the smallest holes, providing robust protection.

2. **Liquid EPDM Technology:** Utilizes special liquid EPDM technology for superior waterproof properties.

3. **Convenient Application:** Easily coat the desired areas with a simple application.

🌟 FATHER's Liquid Rubber is here to solve various water leakage concerns with its liquid EPDM waterproof coating! 🚀✨

Our product is set to be released in March 2024. We appreciate your anticipation!

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